Gas utilities propose blending green hydrogen with natural gas in pipelines to heat Massachusetts homes, requiring in excess of 100% of the Commonwealth’s procured wind power with minimal climate benefits.

New research finds that producing green hydrogen requires more than three times as much electricity as heat pumps without the air quality and climate benefits.

The newly released report, Impact of Green Hydrogen Production on the Availability of Clean Electricity for the Grid, by Gas Transition Allies finds that producing enough green hydrogen for heating homes would hijack Massachusetts’ offshore wind supply, requiring at least 3.9 GW of offshore wind, 120% of the offshore wind currently planned in Massachusetts by 2030.



About Gas Transition Allies

As a coalition of more than 25 organizations and experts, Gas Transition Allies works to reduce methane emissions and advance a rapid transition from gas to non-emitting renewable energy. • We propose equitable solutions that provide affordable heating and cooling for all homes and businesses and promote quality, clean energy jobs. • Our unconventional, interdisciplinary coalition of scientists, gas experts, and concerned community members promotes solutions to the problems caused by combusting fuels to heat our buildings.