A public meeting to discuss leaf blowers restrictions is scheduled to be held by the Programs and Services Committee of Newton’s Board of Aldermen on Wednesday, February 18 at 7:45 pm. in room 211 at City Hall.

Green Decade’s Leaf Blower Position Statement

Green Decade Newton endorses timely action by Newton’s Board of Aldermen toward improved management of leaf blowers in the city. Our position is that their unrestricted use creates an unacceptable environmental harm in terms of excessive noise levels, polluting emissions including dangerous particulates, and lofting of dust and dirt including animal waste into the air over our city sidewalks and streets.

The Board of Green Decade Newton urges the Board of Aldermen to support measures that will be:

  • Effective in controlling environmental harm, nuisance, and threats to public health
  • Readily and consistently enforceable
  • Clearly and widely communicated during implementation
  • Progressive in restriction based on yearly review of city experience

To read a report, “Leaf Blowers and Health,” prepared for the Town of Lincoln Board of Health, by a study group in Feb. 2014 go to http://lincolntown.org/DocumentCenter/View/6597

If you wish to follow Newton’s leaf blower issues visit: