Only 20% of Americans say that they want their next car to be electric. That’s not enough to address the pollution from transportation that threatens our climate and our lungs. But, in our experience, the more you know about electric cars, the more likely you are to want one.

Start your journey by learning the basics at our Electric Vehicles 101 webinar on Wednesday, August 21 at either 12pm or 7pm.

This intro webinar is perfect if you’re curious about electric cars, or just starting to think about buying a new car. Join us as we:¬†

  • Explain the immense practicality of electric cars.
    • They’re easy to charge, and
    • will get you from point a to point b (even if point b is 200 miles away), and
    • will reduce your carbon footprint, and
    • will fit your whole family and their soccer gear inside, and
    • will save you money on fuel & maintenance compared to gas cars. They’re even comparable in purchase price.
  • Go over what you need to know before owning an EV, including charging and purchase/lease incentives.
  • Discover¬† the best price at a trusted dealership through our Drive Green program.

There will be plenty of time for questions during the webinar, but feel free to reach us beforehand by replying to this email or calling 800-287-3950 x7. We hope you can join us!

Want to learn what’s going under the hood? On Wednesday, September 11, we are offering a free Deep Dive on Batteries webinar. RSVP for this tech-focused webinar too!