Plastic bags are the #1 source of contamination in Newton’s recycling…

a message from Waneta Trabert, Director, Newton Environmental Affairs Division

Plastic bags are the #1 source of contamination in Newton’s recycling. Though they are recyclable, plastic bags are not accepted in single stream recycling because they cause problems at the sorting center and can create a safety risk for workers. Prevent plastic bag contamination by taking plastic bags to store drop off locations along with other types of plastic film. Recyclables should be placed loose in the cart – never in a plastic bag.

Confused about how holidays will impact trash day? Unsure about how to properly dispose of something? Use Recycle Right Newton, the City’s trash and recycling app. The app features a collection calendar with collection day reminders (handy for holidays, yard waste season, and household hazardous waste events), a search tool to find where waste goes, and a waste sorting game that is fun for all ages! Available for Apple and Android devices.

Food waste is over 25% of the waste stream in Massachusetts. In Spring 2018, the City of Newton will be coordinating an exploratory organics collection pilot program to reduce and recover food waste. We need your feedbackTake this brief survey to help pick the pilot neighborhood.  

In addition, please view all of the new educational materials here and by using the links below:

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