As a Green Newton board member, I signed up for the 100% renewable electricity option of the Newton Power Choice program. But I was curious to know how hard it would be to complete the process, so I took notes and used a stopwatch.

I was told that I should have an electricity bill from Eversource available so I had it in hand when I called Direct Energy at 866-968-8065.

For 45 seconds, I listened to recorded messages about Direct Energy and different phone tree options I had.

Then a friendly person came on the line and I told him I wanted to “opt up to 100% green.” He was happy to help me, but first he had to ask me 3 questions.

Question #1: What was the phone number associated with my account, or did I have my account number? I had my account number! Easy.

Question #2: What is my name? This was starting to feel like a test I could pass.

Question #3: What is my address? Nailed it.

Then he confirmed that the 100% green electricity contract I was opting into was going to cost 11.75 cents per kilowatt hour. Yep, that’s the one I wanted.

(For reference, the default rate is 11.34 cents/kilowatt hour.)

At 2 minutes and 15 seconds, we were done, and we exchanged pleasantries for another 15 seconds (mostly me saying things like, “That’s it? That was easy!”)

If you have two and half minutes to spare, grab your Eversource bill and call 866-968-8065 to opt up to 100% renewable electricity. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.

You can also Opt Up to 100% online HERE.