The 100% Green option will purchase renewable electricity to match 100% of your electricity use, all from renewable energy projects in New England.  Choosing this option means making the most significant contribution possible in the Newton Power Choice program for sustainability.

Opt Up to 100% Renewable HERE.

With Newton Power Choice at current prices, a Newton electricity customer will be able to opt up to 100% renewable energy for an additional $2.91 per month on a typical (about 700 kwh/month) bill of $165.89. Please consider doing your part to support the rapid transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy by Opting Up to 100% Renewable.  Even at 100% renewable, with Newton Power Choice you will save about $13/month as compared to Eversource Basic Service.

Every time you pay your electric bill, you will make a strong investment in:

  • Reducing Newton’s greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the amount of renewable energy used to generate electricity. Electricity generated from renewable sources, such as the sun and wind, does not create the greenhouse gases that cause climate change and does not pollute the air.
  • Encouraging the development of additional local renewable energy projects by creating additional demand for the electricity generated by those projects.
  • Supporting local businesses and local jobs by buying electricity from New England-based projects.

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If you would like to help promote 100% Renewable Energy by hosting a Newton Power Choice yard sign, please contact