NNHS Team Wins Envirothon Again

Congratulations to the Newton North Envirothon team, which won the Massachusetts Envirothon this past spring. In the competition, students demonstrated their knowledge of forestry, wildlife, water, and soils, and a “current issue” that varies from year to year— this past year’s issue was sustainable agriculture and its application to the school’s community. As part of their research, team members interviewed people from various parts of the sustainable network—the manager of the Newton Community Farm, home gardeners, and restaurant owners who use local produce. The topic for this year’s upcoming competition is “climate change.”

The North team won for the third year in a row over 30 other schools, but all the teams gave impressive presentations on the state of agriculture and availability of produce in their hometowns. The competition is supported by fifteen federal and state environmental agencies, conservation districts, non-profit organizations and higher educational institutions, and businesses which provide expertise and help organize the event. Its goal is to ready the next generation for the environmental work that needs to be done. See more information: thenewtonite.com

by Michelle Fineblum