Mothers Out Front Newton invites families and friends to join us for our 5th Annual Gas Leaks Awareness Campaign from now through Sunday, May 9 to highlight the waste and the dangers of Newton’s hundreds of un-repaired gas leaks. We know fossil gas is not safe, not clean, not green. Fossil gas pollutes the air indoors and out, kills our trees, and is an explosion hazard. Plus, the utilities charge ratepayers for the lost gas.

Register to participate in two family friendly outdoor activities that reveal the hidden world of leaky gas pipelines under our streets, Read Our Streets Bingo and Protect Our Trees.


Once registered, you will receive an email with links to instructions and printable activity materials. (You will also receive the address where you can pick up pre-printed materials on Sunday, May 2 between 10am-1pm.)

Please return your Bingo Cards and Tree Logs by May 9 for a chance to win one of three $25 gift certificates at a local pizza shop. You can return them by taking a photo and emailing them to or dropping them off at the original pickup location.