Twenty college and high school students are spreading the word on climate action in Newton this summer. As Green Newton interns, they have been engaging with residents at the farmers market, Star Market, and other locations around town. What is their message? To let everyone know that around 60% of our city’s greenhouse gas emissions come from our homes and our cars, and that the City’s 4 Our Future campaign recommends 4 climate actions that will bring these emissions down:

  • Insulate to the Max – weatherize your home as best as you can
  • Electrify Your Ride – make your next car an EV
  • Update Heating & Cooling – replace your older system with heating and cooling heat pumps
  • Go Solar! – put solar panels on your rooftop or select 100% Renewables in Newton Power Choice

These are big actions, however we are facing the costly impacts of a rapidly changing climate — increasing incidents of massive wildfires, droughts, and flooding. Our youth understand the urgency of taking action because it is their future at stake.

Next time you head to the Newton Farmers Market, stop at the Green Newton booth and ask the kids what you can do for the climate. They will be happy to share some time with you!


Anna says, “Take Climate Action 4 Our Future!”


Visit the Green Newton booth at the Newton farmers market