Members of the public are invited to view presentations by the Newton South DaVinci program students on Wednesday, May 25 from 10am-1pm in the College and Career Resource Room (Room 7132) at Newton South High School. This space is accessed directly off of the cafeteria and the hallway connecting the cafeteria to the school’s main entrance.

The DaVinci program is a 3 year STEAM program at Newton South High School, where participating students share common classes in science, math, art and engineering across their sophomore and junior years. During their senior year they complete a capstone project of their own design, incorporating interests from their earlier DaVinci studies. Some of this year’s projects:

  • Creation of a Rooftop Garden at a Newton Elementary School
  • Addressing the impact of the clothing Industry on Climate Change
  • Restoration of the Green Trail at Newton South
  • Creation of a Direct CO2 capture system and implementation at South
  • Creation and utilization of “eco-friendly paints”
  • Rebuilding and optimizing the Solar Panels at South
  • Color Theory – how paint color choice can help reduce stress
  • Programming an interactive Student Schedule to support students
  • Research and exploration of Neuro-degenerative diseases
  • Benefits of exercise in stress reduction & learning in preschool children
  • Improving Biodiversity in our community
  • Physics of Dance