Waneta Trabert is the Director of Newton’s Sustainable Materials Management Division and Vice President of MassRecycle. MassRecycle is a nonprofit coalition of individuals, municipalities, the waste industry, and other organizations dedicated to improving recycling, organics diversion, and sustainable materials management in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She was recently featured in a Boston 25 News segment on recycling with Gretchen Carey, the President of MassRecycle.


“Make paper out of paper, instead of paper out of trees.”

In a recent Boston 25 New report, Gretchen Carey and Waneta Trabert, [President and Vice President of MassRecycle], walked the news team through recycling that is happening in Massachusetts. This story, Common Recycling Mistakes Can Cause Big Problems, shows real recycling processing and common mistakes. Recycling in the Commonwealth is
only 55% compliant. But we all know what is recyclable, don’t we? Waneta steps in to introduce WishCycling: putting something in the bin with the hope that someone will figure out how to recycle it.

WishCycling not only gets in the way of sorting the recyclables that should be in the bin, but can cause real risk to workers. As Gretchen points out, “…there are actual people who work in these facilities, who are endangered when you throw in things that don’t belong”.

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