Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Newton resident Barbara K. is looking forward to using her new induction stove and oven to cook up a delicious meal. When Barbara learned about the harmful pollutants her gas stove emitted, she decided it was time to replace her gas range with an electric induction one. In addition to being better for the environment and her health, she is loving how it cooks. Her favorite part is how it can bring water to a boil in just a minute and a half.

Check out this video showing how quickly it can transition between boiling and a simmer, and back again

If you’re interested in switching to an induction stove, you can purchase either a stovetop or an entire range. You may need an electrician to install it as well as a plumber to properly cap off your gas line. You may also need new pots and pans that are compatible with induction cooking. Another wonderful thing about induction stoves is that they use a magnetic field to heat up compatible magnetic cookware. So while the pot and food get hot, the cooktop stays cool to the touch. Want to give it a try before you buy? You can check out an induction cooktop set from the Newton Free Library’s Library of Things.

Happy cooking!