The City of Newton established Newton Power Choice in March of 2019.  This municipal aggregation program provides all of the City’s Eversource Basic Service electricity customers with electricity that matches 62% of their electricity use with New England renewable sources, such as solar and wind.  Basic Service customers are enrolled automatically under State law. Customers who have chosen competitive electricity suppliers can switch to Newton Power Choice if they wish to participate.

Newton Power Choice significantly reduces the City’s carbon footprint. This program also makes Newton the community with the highest percentage of additional local, renewable electricity of any of the approximately 140 cities and towns in Massachusetts with municipal aggregation programs.

The Mayor negotiated the contract in 2018 and hoped, but could not promise, that the cost of electricity from Newton Power Choice would also save money for each of us. So far, so good.  The State recently approved a new six-month Eversource Basic Service electricity rate for January – July 2020. Once again, participating in Newton Power Choice will cost Newton households less than if they remained on Eversource Basic Service. Good news: even if you opt up to 100% renewable power, you will still save money.

The price that Newton Power Choice customers pay in comparison to the Eversource Basic Service rate fluctuates depending on the season; however, the Newton Power Choice rate stays the same from the time it was launched through January 2021; Eversource’s rate, however, fluctuates every six months for residential customers, typically with lower rates in the summer and higher rates in the winter.

When Newton Power Choice went into effect in March 2019, a “typical” Newton electricity customer (who uses 710 kWh/month) saved $16.48 per month on Newton Power Choice. When the Eversource Basic Service Rate went down from July through the end of December 2019, that same Newton electricity customer paid $4 more on Newton Power Choice. For the next six months starting on January 1, 2020, the typical Newton electricity customer will save $7 per month.

More specifically, as of January 1, 2020, you can expect:

* Eversource Winter 2020 (January – July) Basic Service price for residential (16% green): $12.42 cents/kWh

* The Newton Power Choice prices: Standard (62% renewable) $11.34 cents/kWh: 100% green option = $11.75

This means that as of January 1, the typical Newton resident using 710 kWh/month is paying the following amounts for the electricity (i.e., commodity) portion of their electricity bill:

* Eversource Basic Service = $88/month

* Newton Power Choice Standard = $81/month

Please remember, customers can leave Newton Power Choice without a cancellation fee at any time. Also, at any time, they can also join the program, opt up to 100%, or opt down.


Please find your Eversource account number and call 866-968-8065 or visit to opt up to 100% renewable electricity.