Many residents are willing to pay an additional amount per month in the Newton Power Choice program for additional renewable energy. In fact, given the fortunate results of the City’s electricity procurement, the typical Newton electricity customer, who pays about $170 per month on Eversource Basic Service, will actually save about $16 per month with the standard Newton Power Choice product compared to Eversource Basic Service.  The standard Newton Power Choice product includes 60% renewable energy. Eversource Basic Service includes 14% renewable energy.

Opting up to 100% renewable power will also cost less than Eversource Basic Service for that same customer—about $3 more than the 60% level.  That means that 100% renewable power will cost about $13 per month less than Eversource Basic Service.

Opt Up to 100% Renewable HERE.

Because Eversource changes its Basic Service price for residential customers every six months, we cannot guarantee that the Newton Power Choice price will be less than the Basic Service price at all times during the length of the City’s 22-month Newton Power Choice electricity contract. However, Newton Power Choice participants are likely to save money overall during the 22 months.

Newton Power Choice is the most effective program we as a community have for addressing climate change.  If you share my concern about climate change and my enthusiasm for Newton Power Choice, I hope you will consider opting up to support 100% renewable electricity.

To do so, call Direct Energy directly at 1-866-968-8065, or go to

Many thanks!

Ruthanne Fuller