Confused about mailings from ClearChoice Energy?

The difference in price between the Newton Power Choice standard option and ClearChoice is huge. CleanChoice Energy is currently priced at 15 ¢/kWh, so for a typical Newton customer using about 700 kilowatt hours a month, the cost, just for the electricity portion of the bill, is about $105 per month. The standard option for Newton Power Choice for the same customer and, again, for the electricity portion of the bill, is about $80 per month.

Also, with Newton Power Choice at current prices, a Newton electricity customer will be able to opt up to 100% renewable energy for only an additional $2.91 per month on a typical (about 700 kwh/month) bill of $165.89. Please consider doing your part to support the rapid transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy by Opting Up to 100% Renewable. Even at 100% renewable, with Newton Power Choice you will save about $13/month as compared to Eversource Basic Service.

Through Newton Power Choice, residents and business in Newton will automatically buy renewable electricity to match 60% of their electricity use, which is the highest amount of any community electricity program in Massachusetts. To learn more visit

NOTE: If you receive mail about an electricity offer, but you do not see the Newton Power Choice logo, the City seal, and the Mayor’s name, the mail is NOT from the City program.