Mayor Ruthann Fuller has just signed a new two-year Newton Power Choice contract for Newton electricity customers. The new contract will provide electricity that is 95% from renewable sources, raising the percentage from standard of 84% under the current contract. By comparison, the State minimum required amount of Class 1 green power is 22% this year, 24% in 2024, and 27% in 2025. Kudos to Mayor Fuller for making Newton a leader in renewable energy in Massachusetts!

Newton Power Choice is the city’s default electricity program. If you have never opted out of the program, you are receiving the power portion on your electricity bill through Newton Power Choice. The delivery portion is provided by Eversource. If you would like to upgrade to 100% percent renewable option, opt out of the standard Newton Power Choice option, or switch to the Eversource basic service, you can call 833-272-9592 or by go to

Please be Aware of the Difference Between NewtonPower Choice and CleanChoice Energy

Many Newton residents have been receiving “special” offers from CleanChoice Energy. For residents who have chosen this company for your electricity plan, we recommend that you check your Eversource bill to see the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in comparison to Newton Power Choice prices that were reported in Mayor Fuller’s newsletter.

The Better Business Bureau has registered the following customer complaints for CleanChoice Energy: 239 complaints closed in last 3 years, and 134 complaints closed in last 12 months.