Students leaders representing Newton North’s Next Gen Voices Club produced an outstanding presentation that was shown to a large audience of students and staff at NNHS on Friday, March 15. During the presentation, the club leaders did a excellent job explaining the causes and effects of climate change, current climate change legislation, and actions that students can take. They made it clear that youth activism can make a big difference for finding solutions to the environmental challenges we face.

Following their presentation, students joined together in a march to Newton City Hall as part of the Newton Youth Climate March. On the steps of City Hall, students representing NNHS and NSHS urged fellow students to speak up on climate change to local and state leaders. One student, Coral Lin, urged students to continue to educate themselves and others about climate change. She suggested “walking instead of driving, not using single use plastics, starting a compost, eating less meat, shopping locally and sustainably and conserving energy at home.”

Green Newton President, Marcia Cooper, commended the students for making a commitment to take steps to conserve energy and to advocate for wise solutions to address the impacts of climate change. Mayor Fuller also praised the initiative taken by the students, while emphasizing the urgency for Newton and other communities to increase efforts to tackle climate change. Clearly, there is much more we can do to conserve energy and support a rapid transition from fossil fuel to renewable energy solutions. The speakers also highlighted the environmental benefits for Opting Up to 100% (New-England sourced) renewable electricity in Newton Power Choice.

Coral Lin’s closing comments were most inspiring…

“Our planet’s changing climate is the single most important issue that we, as the next generation, are going to have to tackle, and we’re going to have to do it soon. Let’s treat it like the priority it is and demand action. The burdens older generations are placing on us is an injustice. Young people need to fight for our futures and that starts today with each one of us taking action together.”

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