From basil to thyme, beets to zucchini, and cosmos to zinnias, the Newton Community Farm (303 Nahanton St., Newton) has got your garden needs covered at the annual Seedling Sale on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 from 12-3pm.

Got questions? Ask the garden expert.

Need soil? Check out the Vermont Compost Products.

Looking to share your NCF pride? Buy a t-shirt or reusable bag.

Want to connect with like-minded community members? Visit the NCF’s Friend of the Farm table.

Why not volunteer?

NCF still needs volunteers to help make this event run smoothly especially during post-event clean up. It’s a win-win, friends…get your seedlings, rub elbows with fellow gardening enthusiasts from around the community and help your local farm all at the same time.  CSA members, don’t forget that you can count this toward your work hours. Please sign up here.