There will be two sessions of ‘Greener Gardening’ in Rebecca Warner’s yard in Auburndale on Saturdays May 18 and June 1 from 11am-12:30pm.  There’s still time to sign up on the NCE website here.  Rebecca will describe gardening methods that imitate natural processes, emphasize cycling of materials, and minimize waste and energy use.

Grow your garden organically, and eliminate unnecessary work and expense. Make compost the easy way, skipping the turning and watering; convert free material like fall leaves and wood chips into soil-building mulch; and plant seeds and seedlings using no-till methods that suppress weeds and let soil organisms do the work. You’ll also get a recipe for making quick peat-free potting mix, helping to save peat bogs, which sequester a third of the world’s soil carbon. Convert parts of your lawn into attractive growing areas that spare water and fossil-fuel energy. Spare your back and your wallet too as you apply these environmental principles for a beautiful backyard garden.

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