On May 20, 2019, Newton’s City Council passed a resolution stating that our city needs to make a substantial commitment to reduce its carbon footprint in the time frame required to mitigate the climate crisis.
To bring Newton’s buildings and transportation in line with this goal, we need a complete transition away from fossil fuels through building retrofits, Passive House and fossil-free/all electric new construction, electric vehicles (EVs) for all new car purchases, promotion of public transportation options and 100% Class 1 New England renewable electricity.

We also need to facilitate higher density, transit-connected, pedestrian and bike friendly, affordable new developments that will be part of the transition.

The City Council’s resolution — passed unanimously with two abstentions — recognized that staffing is necessary to facilitate this mission. The job includes outreach, broad education, targeted marketing, public-private partnerships, and specific technical assistance. This year’s budget must include funding to move this process forward. Please reach out to your City Councilors and our Mayor to express your support, pledging that you will do your part to bring this mission to the center of your life and that of your children.