An initiative sponsored by the Ocean River Institute in Cambridge is designed to encourage people to participate in a friendly competition pledging to keep established lawns natural without the application of quick-release fertilizer and no chemical pesticides or herbicides. The … Read More

Paint can make a space beautiful and unique. There are many types of architectural paints and coatings on the market and this Environmental Protection Agency webpage provides some resources to help you choose a safer and greener option. Sustainability Considerations* … Read More

advanced power strips save energy and money

Electronics account for approximately 12 percent of the total electricity used by the average U.S. household. Did you know that plugged-in electronics continue to use electricity even when turned off? This wasted energy is called standby power loss (or “vampire … Read More

NPC Rates Lower

Great news: Participating in our Newton Power Choice program is much less expensive for the next six months than remaining on Eversource Basic Service, even when opting up to 100% renewable power. The State just approved a new high for … Read More

Shave the Peak

Shave the Peak empowers people to use less electricity when it matters most. Become a member of a growing community committed to reducing electricity use at home on days when skyrocketing overall demand is met by turning on power plants … Read More