The PFAS Project Lab and PFAS-REACH are pleased to share their newly developed fact sheet about PFAS and Artificial Turf (AT). There are growing questions, concerns, and uncertainties about PFAS and AT, and this fact sheet summarizes information from academic, regulatory, industry, and advocacy sources in a user-friendly 1-page summary, complete with another page of hyperlinked references. The fact sheet contains new visuals that help to paint a larger picture of PFAS routes through the environment. The PDF fact sheet can be viewed online or can be printed, and the handy QR code takes readers to a website with linked sources. The fact sheet was created alongside our lab’s paper, “Turf Wars: Corporate, Government, and Academic Entanglements in the Manufacture of Doubt over Artificial Turf Fields”, which will be presented at the American Sociological Association annual meeting in August.

Click here to view the Fact Sheet.