Last week, the legislature took a significant step forward on the road to a net-zero future by passing the 2022 Climate and Clean Energy Bill. This bill’s key components move us closer to achieving the Commonwealth’s net-zero by 2050 mandate and protecting our communities from the worst impacts of climate change.

The final legislation:

  • creates conditions for an inclusive offshore wind industry by supporting minority-owned businesses and ensuring economic benefits are shared with environmental justice communities,
  • targets transportation emissions by expanding electric vehicle rebates and requiring electrification of MBTA buses,
  • and includes protections for ratepayers, ensuring that our transition off of fossil fuels will be done in a way that protects residents from energy price volatility.

Massachusetts lawmakers are continuing to model solutions, and the state must continue to craft policies and provide funding to accelerate our transition to local, clean energy.

Next, we need Governor Baker to swiftly sign the bill into law and to set the stage for additional action next session.

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