Based on the absence of confirmed cases of the mysterious avian disease in Massachusetts and declining numbers of cases in states to the south, Mass Audubon announced that it is safe to resume bird feeding in Massachusetts. Mass Audubon reminds everyone to practice safety measures and protect birds against other threats:

The cause of this avian disease is still unknown, but we do know that contagious avian diseases can spread at feeders. To protect birds, stay in the habit of cleaning feeders every two weeks using a solution of one part bleach to nine parts warm water. Soak the feeder in the solution for a few minutes, rinse, and air dry. Visit our website for more tips and FAQs on bird-feeding.

Taking in feeders and birdbaths was an important precaution to keep birds safe during a period of uncertainty. We understand that this was a difficult step to take, and we appreciate the help and patience of everyone who played it safe with us.

Other threats to birds still persist. While disease outbreaks aren’t uncommon, population-level bird declines are driven by habitat loss, climate change, and mortality from building strikes and outdoor cats.

“Safe to Start Feeding Birds Again!” (Mass Audubon)