New Year Resolutions: Do Something About Climate Change in 2022

2022 is upon us and we are experiencing more signs of climate change than ever. Make this year your year for taking bold steps to address climate change. Here are 5 actions with the biggest impact that you can take to fight the climate crisis :

  1. Insulate your home, use high efficiency heating and cooling systems, and electrify if you can. Start with a free home energy assessment.
  2. Walk, bike, and take public transportation when you can, and make your next car an electric vehicle.
  3. Cut down on meat and dairy consumption. And compost your organics.
  4. Buy less stuff (especially plastic) and reuse what you have.
  5. Opt up to 100% clean energy on your electric bill for a very easy but really big impact.

There are more actions big and small on Green Newton’s Take Action! tool. Whatever you resolve to do this year, make a commitment and do it. The planet, your family, friends, and you will be better for it.