After your kids have finished decorating their pumpkins at the Harvest Fair, come find the following booths next door at GreenEXPO 2019 for more great kids’ activities. The GreenEXPO will be held in the Newton Center parking lot on Sunday, October 20 from 10am-4:30pm

350Mass Newton – Kids can draw and write their own messages on the giant banner. Last year’s was used in rallies at the Massachusetts State House and elsewhere.

Center for EcoTechnology – See how much energy is needed to light-up an incandescent light bulb versus the new LED light bulbs! Perfect for kids who can grip handles and rotate a crank. Best for children ages 5 and older. 

GN School Connections and Students for a Greener World – Kids can write their ideas about how to keep our planet healthy on the Great Green Tree, and they can create posters and poems on Keeping Newton Green. A selection will be featured in Green Newton’s e-news bulletin.

Olin Electric Motor Sports – Sit in the seat of this cool electric race car and imagine what it would be like to speed down a racetrack. 

 Eco-Baggeez – Kids can decorate their own snack bags and pack them with snacks. 

 Bike Newton – Kids can make their own bike pin.

 Revision Energy – Learn how a solar panel converts sunshine into usable electricity for the solar powered bubble machine. 

Newton Sustainable Materials Management Division – Play a plastic film sorting game and get a mini recycling bin as a prize for participating. 

Newton Conservators – Learn about the Monarch Butterfly and Spotted Salamander with coloring sheets. 

Newton Community Farm – Kids can observe the growth of a bean sprout as they make their own Bean Buddy necklace. 

Parents can check out all the companies and organizations that will help green the home at We have solar panels, electric car test drives, sustainable home goods, and more!

Free stainless straws and cleaner set with Green Newton membership signup at the GreenEXPO!