Hosts Gretchen Carey and Waneta Trabert talk with Kelley Dennings of the Center for Biological Diversity about simplifying the holidays and reducing waste. They discuss top holiday waste generators, alternative gift ideas, hosting and decorating, the role of public policy, great tools you can find on, and the perceived barriers to celebrating with fewer material items. Should you buy a fake or real Christmas tree? Is wrapping paper recyclable? All this, and more, in this great conversation. Find Kelley Dennings at


MASSRECYCLE is the statewide 501c3 nonprofit coalition of individuals, all 351 municipalities, the recycling industry, and other green organizations dedicated to increasing recycling and waste reduction in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Gretchen Carey is the President of MassRecycle, and Waneta Trabert is the Vice-President of MassRecycle and Newton’s Director of the Sustainable Materials Management Division.