Whether you’re in the market for a new car now or you’re just curious about the technology, join The Green Energy Consumers Alliance for an introductory Electric Vehicles 101 webinar on Tuesday, December 3 to learn everything you need to know about electric cars, including…

  • what kinds of cars are available;
  • how to charge instead of pump gasoline;
  • and why electric car drivers say they’ll never go back to gas-powered cars again.

Everyone is welcome to join this hour-long webinar and ask questions! There will be two time slots – one at 12 pm and one at 7 pm – so be sure to register for the one that’s more convenient for you.  

Nearly 800 drivers have made the switch to driving an electric car through Drive Green. When you’re ready, we hope to help you make your next car electric, too! 

By Green Energy Consumers Alliance