On Wednesday, May 11 from 7-8:15pm, join expert birder Pete Gilmore in the webinar ‘Spring Warblers in Newton’ to learn about spring warblers that now are migrating through and to our area.

Pete will view the field marks (using photographs) and will listen to the vocalizations, both calls and songs, of 25 species of warblers that are in Cold Spring Park each May. The audio tapes are from the Macaulay Library of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, as are some of the photos. Most of these species are migrating through Newton to their nesting territories north of us. A few species nest in Cold Spring Park and can be experienced throughout the summer. A central theme will be to use both sight and sound to appreciate these little living jewels.

Presented by Pete Gilmore, who serves on the boards of Newton Conservators and the Brookline Bird Club.