Join Green Energy Consumers Alliance (GECA) during National Drive Electric week for one or all three of the webinars on electric vehicles:

‘Electric Vehicles 101’ on September 27

Curious about getting an electric vehicle (EV), but not sure where to start? Join the webinar on Monday, September 27 from 7-8pm for the popular ‘Electric Vehicles 101’ webinar to learn the basics. Covered will be environmental and consumer benefits, information about batteries and charging, and state and federal incentives. There will be time reserved to answer questions. 



‘Women & Electric Vehicles’ on September 28

On Tuesday, September at 7pm, this webinar will spotlight women in the electric vehicle community. Often underrepresented in the industry, these women will talk about their experiences as EV owners and what drove them to make the switch to an EV. Come hear their stories and join the conversation about all things electric cars.



‘Charged Up: Everything You Need to Know About EV Charging’ on September 29

National Drive Electric Week is in full swing! Making the switch to an electric car can be intimidating if you’re used to refueling with gasoline. Where will you charge? How much will it cost? How can you make sure you’re always charged up?

The good news is that charging an electric vehicle (EV) is easier than you might think once you know the basics. Join this hour-long webinar on Wednesday, September 29 from 7-8pm to learn everything you need to know about EV charging so that you feel ready and confident to make your next car electric. 


Learn more about GECA’s electric vehicle discounts as well as information on federal and state incentives that can make an EV purchase a great deal.