This is the last week to contribute to the first phase of engagement for Zoning Redesign’s focus on village centers. What values do you think should guide village center zoning updates? How do you experience Newton’s village centers and what do you hope for their future? The City of Newton is asking community members’ these questions until the end of October 3.

If you only have a couple minutes, ‘vote’ on at least 10 statements in this online interactive forum. If you have more time, do a Vision Kit (a self-guided tour of a village center of your choice) with your neighbors and family or by yourself.

For any questions, please reach out to

What’s Next After October 3?

All of the ‘raw’ qualitative data that staff have received through the online interactive forum, the equitable focus groups, and the Vision Kit submissions will be available on the Zoning Redesign Village Center website either on or shortly after October 4.

Staff will present a synthesis of what they heard and learned during this engagement phase at the Zoning and Planning Committee (ZAP) meeting on Monday, October 25. The zoom link will be available at the ZAP website (under the header ‘2021 Meeting Materials’).

In addition, staff will host a public info session on what they learned during this engagement phase on November 15 at 6pm. A presentation will be followed with Q+A for community members. Register here.