The following was published in the Newton Tab on September 28, 2016 and is reprinted with permission from the authors.

On behalf of Green Newton and 350 Mass Action Newton, we would like to publicly thank Massachusetts State Representatives Ruth Balser and Kay Khan for joining with more than 43 candidates for state office in signing the ‘Clean Money for Climate Pledge,’ committing to refuse campaign contributions over $200 from executives, lobbyists and others at ten major fossil fuel and utility companies. Lobbyists from these companies spend tens of thousands of dollars each year on campaign contributions to ensure that policies in their corporate interest become law, regardless of the effect on public health.

With rising sea levels, droughts and unstable weather threatening our climate and economy, we are most grateful that our representatives have taken the pledge, proving to us that they are free to act in the public interest, free of fossil fuel special interests.


Ron Blau, 350 Mass Action Newton

Marcia Cooper, President Green Newton