Green Newton is excited to report that great takeout, without the waste, is finally here in Newton.

Do you wince every time you get takeout because of the unavoidable stack of single use plastic containers and lids that come with it? We all hope they get fully recycled, but the odds aren’t good. Yet we seem to have no other options.

We can see the sustainable future of takeout thanks to Recirclable (a local company) and restaurants like Judith’s Kitchen in West Newton. You can order and pick up delicious black bean burgers, roasted salmon, kale salad, chicken salad and much more, all while using fully reusable food containers. It’s free to sign up and the app is free to use. Here is how it works:

  1. Order your food in person, deli style, to be placed in Recirclable containers – durable, clean and microwavable.
  2. Open your camera or the Recirclable app, scan the QR code at the counter, and select the number of containers you are using.
  3. Pay and head home to enjoy.
  4. Rinse and return your containers (within two weeks to avoid fees) to a participating Recirclable restaurant. Simply scan the return QR code to confirm your return. Restaurants clean and sanitize containers before reusing.

If you want to truly make a dent in the plastic tsunami in America, just set up an account at Recirclable and get eating. Sign-up at or download the Recirclable iOS app (Android coming soon). Recirclable takeout containers can also be found at other local restaurants including Red Lentil in Watertown, and more restaurants in Newton are in the works.