Join the Studio for High Performance Design & Construction (StudioHPDC) on Wednesday, June 16 at 5pm for their webinar ‘High Performance Homes for Homeowners and Renovators’  — an overview of high-performance homes, Zero-Energy, LEED, and the Passive House standard, as well as a cost/benefit guide to understanding home performance decisions and lessons learned in energy-efficient living from an building expert and high-performance homeowner. This introductory session is ideal for homeowners, buyers, renovators and others with an interest in energy-efficient homes



StudioHPDC is a classroom and educational center for sustainable design and construction. We develop and host training courses for consumers, students, architects, and trades people in all experience levels ranging from introductory sessions and overviews to hands-on workshops and certification programs. In addition to training courses, we host regular networking and discussion group events and provide resources for all those interested in sustainable construction.