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Join the Talk ‘New Year, New Incentives for Electric Cars’ on February 9

Buy Zolpidem Online India Posted on February 6, 2023 by Green Newton


https://beehonestcosmetics.com/q1ttwvy7cz Thursday, February 9 from 12-1pm. Online.

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https://www.ktravula.com/2023/02/h7q98fr0gm4 Federal and state incentives for electric vehicles (EVs) have all changed recently, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and the 2022 climate bill in Massachusetts.

Join this webinar to learn the latest on:

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  • the new federal Clean Vehicle Credit, for both new and used cars;
  • recent updates to the MOR-EV state rebate program in Massachusetts;
  • the DRIVE-EV and DRIVE+ rebate in Rhode Island; and
  • incentives for e-bikes, current and potential upcoming.