The Massachusetts House has failed to meaningfully address climate change so far this session after the Senate unanimously passed a fantastic bill to increase clean energy, expand access to solar projects to renters and low income communities, and create a real plan to protect us from climate change.

Environmental groups, including 350 Mass and Green Newton are asking for your help:

1)  Please join the rally at the State House on July 19 to demonstrate the need for the Massachusetts House to act on climate now!  Show your support for the climate policies we need by attending our emergency rally. RSVP HERE.

2)  Bring four copies of a picture of a family member or friend and  write on the back of the photo why you care for this person, and why climate change concerns you. If you can’t make it on Thursday, please send a picture of who you are fighting for to your representative and post it to social media.

3)  If you cannot make it to the rally, please call and ask your representative to take impactful climate action. RSVP HERE to call your representative on July 19 and you will receive  a call script. Please also consider sending a copy of that photo to your representative over social media.

Let’s flood the phones and the floor of the Massachusetts Statehouse to show the urgency of immediate climate action in our state policy!

Once again, if you can make it to the rally on July 19, RSVP HERE. If not, make your opinions heard, by calling your representative! Be sure to share the event on Facebook too!

A larger Nonviolent Civil Disobedience action will be held at the Statehouse on Wednesday, July 25. If you’re interested in coming as a non-arrestable supporter or an arrestable participant, please be sure to fill out the RSVP form with your information.

Reprinted from A Better Future Project.