On Tuesday, March 8 from 7:30-9pm, join Mothers Out Front Newton for an informative evening with research economist Dorie Seavey, PhD, and Boston University ecology professor Nathan Phillips. The discussion will cover Newton’s 700 + dangerous gas leaks and the question of whether to replace or repair the pipelines.

The Massachusetts Gas System Enhancement Program (GSEP), originally designed to increase safety and reduce emissions, has become a massive boondoggle. Statewide, the average unit cost of replacing a mile of main is now $1.95 million. Seavey’s report, commissioned by the Massachusetts Gas Leaks Allies, GSEP at the Six-Year Mark, finds that the GSEP program is not financially sound and is not meeting its goals to reduce leaks. The report recommends redirecting the GSEP to repair leaks and not waste funds replacing pipelines. Instead, utilities need to prioritize safety, fund an equitable energy transition for all, and create quality jobs in clean renewable energy.


Dorie Seavey is an applied research economist based in Boston, Massachusetts. Her current work focuses on complex systems change addressing the urgency of climate change where she specializes in targeted analyses leveraging sound data and research. Nathan Phillips is a BU Physiological Ecologist Professor, and gas leaks expert.

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On the Gas Leaks Allies website you can find the video of a Mothers Out Front webinar and the following resources: