The Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy Committee is currently facing a decision about the future of solar energy in our state. Caps on net metering – the method by which solar customers get credit for the energy their solar panels provide to the grid – threaten to undermine our progress on solar. Not only does rooftop solar power reduce our need for fossil fuels, but it creates jobs and economic opportunity in our state. We need to raise the caps this year in order to prevent solar growth from stalling in Massachusetts.

You can support this critical campaign by calling your State Representative and State Senator and asking them to:

* Raise the net metering caps; and

* Adopt a long-term solar compensation policy that allows the Commonwealth to meet its climate goals and create clean energy jobs.

Click here to find your legislator and their contact information.

For more detail on the new solar policy that Green Newton and The Environmental League of Massachusetts (ELM) supports, read “The Next Generation Solar Framework“.