Due to an unanticipated scheduling conflict, Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer is unable to attend Tuesday, May 16 session of Carbon Countdown 2023. Instead, Chief Hoffer will join us at Carbon Countdown 2023 on Saturday, May 20 starting at 9am. (Note the earlier start time.)

Therefore, we have cancelled the Tuesday, May 16 Carbon Countdown event and lengthened the Saturday, May 20 event from 9am-11am, to combine both events into one session.

If you have already registered for Saturday’s event you need not register again.
If you have only registered for Tuesday’s event please register for Saturday’s event.


On Saturday, May 20 at 9am:

• Hear from Massachusetts Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer about an equitable and sustainable vision for Massachusetts.

• Discover from Senator Mike Barrett about connecting citizen activists to the legislative process, and connecting the Executive Branch to the work of the Legislature.

• Learn about local initiatives that create a pathway to our 2030 climate targets during breakout sessions. See below.

You can choose two from the following four workshop sessions:


  • Biodiversity: Protecting Ecosystems, in our Backyard and Beyond – David Morgan, Speaker
  • Building Electrification: A Future Without Fossil Fuels – Anne Wright (BEA Facilitator) and Bob Zogg (HeatSmart Alliance Facilitator), Speaker


  • Networked Geothermal: Neighborhood Scale Heating and Cooling – Zeyneb Magavi (Co-founder of HEET), Speaker
  • Affordable Housing: Healthy, Efficient, Resilient – Neal Mongold, Speaker