NPC Rates Lower

Great news:

Participating in our Newton Power Choice program is much less expensive for the next six months than remaining on Eversource Basic Service, even when opting up to 100% renewable power. The State just approved a new high for the price of Eversource Basic Service residential electricity for July through December 2022 at 17.9 cents/kWh.

For comparison, here are the Newton Power Choice residential rates (through January 2024) compared to Eversource’s 17.9 cents/kwh summer rate:

  • Standard/Default rate with 82% “green” renewable power = 13.5 cents/kwh
  • 100% “green” renewable power = 14.4 cents/kwh
  • Basic rate with State-minimum of 20% “green” renewable power for 2022 = 10.6 cents/kwh


NPC Rates Lower than Eversource

Newton Power Choice is the City’s electricity supply program for our residents and businesses. The program is a form of group electricity purchasing known as electricity aggregation. Our program provides an opportunity for Newtonians to significantly increase both their own and our community’s investment in clean energy.

With Newton Power Choice, Eversource delivers the electricity; customers continue to contact Eversource for power issues; and Eversource will continue to bill them. The difference with Newton Power Choice is that the City of Newton selects the supplier of the electricity for customers rather than leaving it up to the utility.

The City of Newton has been the leader in the State in choosing the highest percentage of renewables of any city or town’s electricity aggregation program since signing the first Newton Power Choice contract in November 2018.

Our current Newton Power Choice contract includes 82% local renewable sources such as wind and solar as the Standard/Default for our electricity supply.

This means that on Newton Power Choice for July through December 2022, if you use 550 kwh of electricity per month (i.e., the median non-low-income Newton use), you’ll save relative to Eversource Basic Service:

  • $24.20/month at the NPC Standard/Default level
  • $19.25/month at the NPC 100% Green level
  • $40.15/month at the NPC Basic level

Please note that the figures above are monthly. At 100% Green, as the median electricity user in Newton, you’ll save approximately $115 over the coming six month period. But, remember that as Eversource’s prices will continue to change, future savings from Newton Power Choice cannot be guaranteed. You can switch from Newton Power Choice back to Basic Service at any time, without any fee.

Learn more about Newton Power Choice and consider opting up to 100% green electricity by clicking on the button.

The post is an excerpt from Mayor Ruthanne Fuller’s email newsletter from June 17, 2022.