Ann Berwick, Co-Director of Sustainability for Newton and long-time Newton resident, has a new bike. This would not be news, except for the details: the bike is an EV-assisted recumbent tricycle, made by Ice Trike.

Ann has mobility challenges due to a spinal cord problem, and she says that this bike has changed her life. She can go for 30-mile rides without difficulty. She can get as much exercise as she wants, and go as fast as she wants, either by minimizing the electric assist or by shifting to a high gear. In fact, on this bike you have to get exercise—it’s not like a motorcycle.

The bike is made in England and retailed by a bike store in Burlington, Massachusetts called Cycle Loft. Ann can’t say enough good things about either the bike or Cycle Loft. Cycle Loft is a large bike store that sells lots of conventional bikes, but seems to take special pride in helping mobility-challenged people regain the pleasure of bike riding.

Ann is happy to share her new biking experience, especially with people who have difficulty riding conventional bikes. If you’d like to try her bike, you can email her at to arrange a time.