Green Newton volunteers engage with government, schools, businesses to effect change in many facets of life in Newton.


In our efforts to offset Global Warming, Green Newton´s Energy Committee educates residents, business people, and institutions about wise energy use, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

We educate the community about renewable energy and energy efficiency through designing, financing, installing, operating and troubleshooting demonstration projects. We create models that enable and encourage other community groups to do similar projects.

  • Monitor quality control in weatherization projects in Newton, advocate better reporting of energy data for measurable results supporting energy improvements such as insulation.
  • Collaborated with Newton’s Energy Commission and advocated for the transition to LED bulbs installed Newton’s street lights
  • Promoted Solarize Newton with close to 400kW of solar installed on homes



  • Working with the City of Newton, Green Newton donated stickers with information on acceptable and unacceptable materials for recycling. Volunteers labeled 28,000 recycling bins around the city, helping residents better understand recycling procedures.



Green Newton works to protect people and the environment by promoting alternatives to toxic landscape chemicals and pesticides (i.e., herbicides, insecticides, rodenticides and fungicides) through public education campaigns and community action.

  • community resource and clearinghouse for information, referrals and technical assistance about the hazards of pesticides, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and alternative pest control methods.
  • reduce the use of pesticides by urging city agencies and Newton’s residential and business property owners to reevaluate all uses of landscape chemicals and pesticides and to adopt IPM, especially in the schools and on all public facilities and grounds.
  • promote citizens’ “right to know” about the kinds of toxic chemicals they are exposed to and the potential health consequences of exposure. Whenever possible, we promote pre-notification and posting for all public and private indoor and outdoor uses of pesticides (schools, residential landscaping and lawn care, and public lands)
  • Green Newton promotes opportunities for greater citizen awareness of and involvement in pesticide policies and practices in Newton.



Green Newton brings parents and educators of Newton together to share ideas about promoting energy and resource conservation in Newton schools. Past projects implemented at schools include:

  • Classroom and Cafeteria recycling and composting
  • Zero Waste Days and Green Wednesdays
  • Catalog Reduction Challenge
  • Crayon Recycling
  • Terracycle Juice Pouch Recycling
  • Recycling and Minimizing Trash at PTO Events
  • Collaboration with Newton Community Farms
  • Collaboration with Whitson’s Food Service
  • Outdoor learning environments
  • School garden planning, planting and teaching
  • Groovy Green Fashion Show



Students for A Greener World (SGW) is a dedicated group of middle and high school students, sponsored by Green Newton. Its goal is to reach out to kids of all ages and to help them learn and practice environmentally friendly actions at home, school, and beyond — and have fun doing it! Some of their projects include:

  • Coordinating the Annual Environmental Art Contest for school-aged kids
  • Organizing EnviroJam — the Newton North High School rock concert that raises money to support the environment
  • Creating awareness campaigns to help Newton businesses increase recycling rates and decrease use of disposable water bottles
  • Helping visitors at the Newton Farmer’s Market Green Newton booth