Maybe you’ve been thinking about induction cooking, but aren’t quite ready to take the leap.  Now you can borrow an induction cooktop from the Newton Free Library, just like you’d borrow a book.  The library’s package includes an induction cooktop, a pot with a lid, and an instruction booklet.

The pot with a magnetic bottom is designed for use with an induction cooktop. If your pots and pans have a magnetic bottom, they will also work.

Induction cooking is:

  • far faster and more precise than cooking with gas or conventional electric stoves—allows for very precise temperature control;
  • much healthier than gas stoves, which emit air pollutants like particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and carbon monoxide; and
  • more efficient and much better for the climate—a way to help transition your home away from natural gas.

Pay special attention when you first use an induction cooktop: it heats up quickly, so the pans will heat up much faster than what you are used to!

The induction cooktop kit was donated by Green Newton to the Library, as part of the City’s implementation of its Climate Action Plan.

The Induction Cooktops are listed in the household tool section of the Library of Things. The catalog link, where the cooktops can be requested, is here.

Check it out, try it out, and see what all the excitement is about.