Through Newton Power Choice, residents and business in Newton will automatically buy renewable electricity to match 60% of their electricity use, which is the highest amount of any community electricity program in Massachusetts.

Watch the mail: All Newton electricity customers on Eversource’s Basic Service will receive a letter about Newton Power Choice in January. Look for an envelope that contains the City seal and Direct Energy’s return address. The letter inside includes the City seal, the Newton Power Choice logo, and the Mayor’s name at the bottom. See the letter.

Learn more: You’re invited to attend a public information session about Newton Power Choice. Each public information session will include a brief overview of the program and plenty of time for questions:

  • January 16, 6pm, Office of Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller, 1000 Commonwealth Ave, Newton
  • January 23, 2pm, Newton Senior Center, 345 Walnut St, Newton
  • January 27, 11pm, St Ignatius Parish, 28 Commonwealth Ave, Chestnut Hill
  • January 30, 7pm, Newton Public Library, 330 Homer St, Newton
  • January 31, 6pm, Warren House, 1600 Washington Street, Newton
  • February 7, 6pm, Houghton Village, 37 Hamlet Street, Newton

New Electricity Choices Through Newton Power Choice

Newton Power Choice offers new new electricity choices that give you greater control over the environmental characteristics and price of your electricity supply.

  • Through the Standard Offering, which is the default program offering, you will buy renewable electricity that matches a total of 60% of your electricity use (46% renewable energy in addition to the 14% minimum required by the state).

You may also choose one of the other program options:

  • 100% Green – buy renewable electricity to match 100% of your electricity use
  • Basic – buy no additional renewable electricity beyond the minimum required by the state

All choices, including the Standard Offering, will purchase renewable electricity from New England-based renewable energy projects.

For more details see