The Iconic Echo Bridge Needs Your Support

The Echo Bridge, an architectural masterpiece, is most appreciated for serving pedestrians and cyclists enjoying the Hemlock Gorge park, commuting to the Green Line and by-passing busy streets. Last fall, Newton and Needham residents formed the Echo Bridge Railing Committee to focus public and private resources to work with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), owner of Echo Bridge, to seek Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding and private donations for an in-kind reconstruction of the 140-year old cast iron railings. The 140-year-old cast iron railings along the top Promenade are in disrepair and are obscured by a “temporary” chain link fence installed in 2008 for safety reasons.

Approval of these CPA requests will only happen with an outpouring of public support and pledges from local residents and companies to match Community Preservation and MWRA funds.  A decade of delay can be turned around this spring.

To learn more and find out ways to help visit

Enjoy a hike through Hemlock Gorge and over Echo Bridge to reacquaint yourself with this green jewel in our midst and be sure to go down to the echo platform (Newton side) to be reminded of how the bridge got its name!