Most Newton residents are now enrolled in the City’s bulk purchase of electricity from Direct Energy, and most have 60% of their power coming from renewable energy sources. Did you know that you can “opt up” to 100% renewable for the monthly cost of a kiddie cup of ice cream? 

The comparison prices for the supply portion of a typical bill (distribution by Eversource is fixed and accounts for about half of the total bill) are: 

  • Enrolled in the Standard (60%) Offering: 730 (kWh) x $0.1134 = $82.78
  • Enrolled in the 100% Green option: 730 (kWh) x $0.1175 = $85.78

or for a lower usage:

  • Enrolled in the Standard (60%) Offering: 500 (kWh) x $0.1134 = $56.70
  • Enrolled in the 100% Green option: 500 (kWh) x $0.1175 = $58.75

Note that the price difference to opt up to 100% Green on the 730 kWh monthly bill is $2.97/month, which is less than the cost of a kiddie size cup of ice cream from your favorite ice cream shop.  And it is only a $2.05/month more for 100% Green on the 500 kWh monthly bill! 

Join the over 1,700 Newton residents and 30 businesses that have already opted up to 100% Green through the Newton Power Choice program (as of July 2019). 

By Opting Up to 100% you can help:

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions;
  • protect our health from dirty fossil fuels;
  • create local clean energy jobs;
  • and keep billions of dollars in our State.

If you are enrolled in Newton Power Choice, your electricity supplier will be listed as “Direct Energy Newton Power Choice” on your Eversource bill.  Look at the price of the supply charge portion of your bill: If you are enrolled in the 100% Green option, the price will be 11.75 cents/kWh. If you are enrolled in the Standard offering (60% renewable), the price will be 11.34 cents/kWh.

To opt up to 100% renewable electricity, find your Eversource account number, then call 866-968-8065 or visit