Plastic Free July is a good chance to think of easy replacements for single use plastics. Try these ideas in your kitchen:

  • Replace plastic bags (including produce bags) with paper or cloth. Remember to take them to the store!
  • In addition to bar dish soaps, use loofah sponges to wash your dishes (then compost)  and reusable cloth washcloths instead of paper towels.
  • Use alternatives to plastic baggies and cling wrap for storing food. Beeswax wraps, glass storage containers, and silicone bags make good alternatives.
  • Separate out food scraps for composting and use a paper bag to hold the other garbage. (Taking out the high moisture food scraps is key.)
  • Purchase items from the bulk food section or support your local bulk foods store with clean reusable containers from home.
  • Bring your own ‘doggie’ bag container to restaurants. (It is permitted by the Newton Department of Health and Human Services.)


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