Black Earth Compost bin

Newton can get a lower subscription price for curbside compost pickup when 5,000 households sign up. Currently, 2,815 Newton households participate. It’s already a great deal at $59.99 for 6 months but, if each subscriber got one friend or neighbor to sign up, it would lower the price for everyone!

To help incentivize signups, here are some Black Earth specials for subscribers:

$5 for $5 Referral
Share your personal $5 for $5 referral link located in your online account. When the link is used to sign up for curbside compost, your friend will get $5 off their first bill, and you will get a $5 credit towards the account shop to order compostable bags, swag, and more.

Group Discount
Organize a group of 10 or more to sign up and get up to 40% off the first invoice. Email for more information.