Sunday, November 19 from 1-3pm. Newton Free Library (330 Homer St., Newton)

WIND Meetup, powered by Planeteer Alliance and sponsored by Green Newton, will bring together youth ages 10-23 from around the Boston area to discuss our dependency on plastic and steps youth can take to tackle plastic pollution. We will also discuss the United Nations’ attempt to limit plastics and the INC-3 meeting to create a legally binding plastics treaty.


WIND is one of five elements that Planeteer Alliance embraces (WIND, WATER, HEART, EARTH, and FIRE). Each element tackles a certain environmental issue, and WIND covers issues around plastics and the circular economy. Planeteer Alliance itself is based on the 1990s youth TV show ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’.

Program Moderator, Evan Michaeli, lives in Newton. Evan, now 17 years old, has been an avid environmentalist since sixth grade when he lived with his grandmother in Newport, R.I. Evan’s work includes passing two plastic bag bans and working on a third plastics ordinance in Newton. Moreover, in September, Evan attended the Ocean Summit at the United Nations and his suggestions for INC-3, a conference for a legally binding plastics treaty, was published on the United Nations website. Evan presented twice at The Ocean Race in front of 100,000 attendees about coral bleaching and plastics. Furthermore, Evan is working on multiple projects with the Sierra Club, Green Newton, MYCC, and his school’s environmental club.