The exhibitors at the Newton GreenEXPO 2023 (Sunday, October 15 from 11am-4pm in Newton Center) are at the forefront of the sustainability movement, offering valuable insights and solutions to help individuals and communities reduce waste and move away from environmental toxins. Stop by and see what they have to offer:

Reusable and Eco-Friendly Products

We generate a lot of waste in our disposable-minded economy. Particularly concerning is the wide use of plastics—in products and in packaging—and their effects on our health and the environment. These exhibitors will help you reduce single-use plastics and other disposable items. Think Reduce and reuse.

Lochtree Sustainable Products – Your source for sustainable home products, Lochtree owner and Newton resident Henry will showcase a selection of products that will make going green a pleasure and talk about why we should rethink the products we buy. Check out their online store for the full line of goods.

B-Organics – Owner Cathy produces and sells cloth produce bags imprinted with images of fruits and veggies. Add these sturdy washable bags to the reusable grocery bags that you take to the store and eliminate your use of the plastics bags at the store. She also sells a selection of handmade soaps with a variety of scents. Ask her about her special ingredient!

Fulfilled Goods – At 612 Washington Street in Newton next to the 7Eleven, this Newton “refillery” wants you to rethink packaging altogether. Owner Shara carrys a wide selection of food items such as beans, oatmeal, and olive oil that she will place into your own clean containers for you. The store also has bulk laundry and personal care products for refilling into reusable container and other items to help you go zero waste. Come by the Fulfilled Goods booth to sample the goods and learn how simple it can be to cut unnecessary packaging out of your life.

Newton Community Farm – Our source for locally and sustainably grown vegetables in Newton, the NCF will be at the GreenEXPO to talk about their CSA program with veggie shares, their partner CSA fruit and flowers shares, Thanksgiving Harvest bags, and produce stand at the Saturday Newton Farmers Market. NCF also offers classes, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Stop by to ask about this jewel in our community.

Composting Solutions

Composting is an effective way to divert organic waste from landfills and create nutrient-rich soil. Along with a plant-based diet, composting is also one of the strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and affecting climate change.

Black Earth Compost – Learn how to turn kitchen scraps and yard waste into valuable compost for your garden. Or sign up for their convenient curbside pick up service where you only need to set out your food scraps in their handy locking cart each week (and avoid the ‘ick’ factor). They are the only vertically integrated company that composts the material too, returning it to customers and selling it in garden centers across Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Newton residents: we only need 500 more subscribers to reach the lower rate for EVERYONE—get your friends and neighbors to sign up! 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycling Education

Think Reduce and Reuse first, then Recycling. Got questions or need tips on how to manage the things that you no longer need or are not usable? Which plastics are recyclable? Learn which materials can go in the green cart and what really happens to them.

City of Newton Sustainable Materials Management Division – This city department manages the curbside waste and recycling collection, and runs the Resource Recovery Center on Rumford Avenue. (Let’s not call it the ‘dump’). They can answer all your questions on what happens to the items in the blue and green carts once they leave your curb, help you figure out what you can and cannot place in them, and what to do with items that are still usable.

Newton Recycling Committee – This all volunteer run group operates the famous Swap Shop at the Resource Recovery Center from May through October. If you haven’t checked out the Swap Shop yet, you should put it on your radar for next year as a terrific resource for free goods in great condition (for Newton residents). Stop by and ask them about the Swap Shop and their other great reduce and reuse programs.

Newton DPW – Ever wonder what happens to rain water when it goes down the storm drain? Come with your kids to find out using a fun model using water and dye.

Zero Waste Takeout

Recirclable – This company has partnered with Newton restaurants, Grapeleaf Mediterranean Grille, Little Luke’s, Judith’s Kitchen, Johnny’s Luncheonette, as well as Red Lentil in Watertown to bring you the zero waste future! Coupling their reusable takeout container system with a phone app, you can order the same delicious takeout from these restaurants with zero waste.

The Newton Green Expo 2023 offers a unique opportunity to learn from sponsors at the forefront of waste reduction and sustainability. Visit to learn more and mark your calendar for this eco-conscious event. The Newton GreenEXPO is Sunday, October 15, 11am-4pm in the Newton Center parking lot at the Newton Harvest Fair.